i like Mr. Apple Greatson

21 07 2011

he’s one of my favorite photographer here in GenSan …since when i was in highschool .. and finally i found his blog .. i was so glad seeing his pictures .. truly talented.. he makes me fall in love again with his photos .. awesome! well.. i got to know him better bout his work and he loves it .. more than I do  ! lol… finding a hard time to view every pictures kasi so matagal mag loading.. but im so excited to read all the blogs and outputs of him …. the reason why i like his photos is because he captures the emotions of every single person on the screen, and he doesn’t put a lot of effort to put some effects to make it beautified .. hes natural thats what i like ! he gives details and meaning .. talagang naiinterest ako na tingnan ang mga pictures niya.. worthy! :))


when you look to the picture above ..precisely the bride looks so happy and cute its not a fake smile and she’s looking on her wedding dress saying , “my gosh..! such a pretty gown I ‘m going to wear on my wedding day , I ‘m so excited”. hahah lol.. making my own lines.. im inspired with this .. this kind of pictures,,,,,,,well looking forward..hahah..joke..! I don’t expect to have an experience like this ..dahil wala naman kahit isang lalaki na gagasto ng pera niya para pakasalan ang isang katulad ko .. unfortunate! hahah




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