kakainis ang mga ganitong storya! pero ito yung tipo na gusto kong basahin…

18 07 2011

On the first day, she sent a message to the guy saying, “miss you na! what time ka ba pupunta?”

She’s waiting for the reply.. but the guy didn’t reply.

Second message: “I text you kaninang morning bat di ka nagreply… what time ka ba pupunta?! I need your answer asap…”

She waited for 5 hours, la paring sagot… Sa sobrang asar, ini-off nya ang CP nya and said, “I will not open this cellphone unless pumunta cya dito..” After a few minutes, nakatulog na yung girl…

Second day, she’s still waiting for her boyfriend. Magpaparing sa fone tapos baba. She told herself, “Did he love me pa ba?!” He Knows naman pag napgpaparing ako..

She’s expecting that the boy will call him back.. untik its evening and no one came, no one called.. her CP still off…

Third day, she’s still waiting. Nagpaparing. After a few hours, the phone rung… She answered it quickly… “Hello” On the second line, “Hon, I love you very much..” Biglang nag busy. Galit na galit na umupo sa sofa at nanood ng t.v.

After a few minutes, may kumakatok. She stood quickly and opened the door. She opened the door. She was surprised when she saw her bf standing at the door. With good looks, white long sleeves and white pants…

The guy said, “Come with me… hayaan mo akong bumawi sayo…”

She answered, “Wait, I’ll just…”

“Come let’s go…” After a few minutes, they’re on some place. Sa house ng guy.. kinabahan cya..

She’s asking.. what happened?.. bat and daming tao.. at may red light.. What’s that?… (she stopped for a while). “Your mom” walang sagot… The guy only looking at her face…

Biglang may tumawag sa kanya. She’s shocked when she saw the guy’s mom crying and embraced her…

“Come with me! Sa buong pag aakalang nakasunod sa kanya ang guy. On the door, she’s shocked when she saw a dead person infront of her… She looks at her back.. but the guy is gone.. where he went, di nya alam… La naman siyang nakita dumaan infront of her..

The mother said, “Bat ngayon ka lang pumunta kahapon pa ako ng text sayo! Pero naka off ang phone mo.. She opened her CP and sat for a while and read the messages…

There are 5 unread messages… She opened the first message… “Hija, my son is now 50/50. Come here, he needs you…”

The second message: “Please come here or reply… I need it now..”

Third message: “My son is on comatose… Can you visit him now?… You’re his strength..”

Fourth message: “Hija, my son is dead” and then she cried to think that her love is now gone in her life… Naisip nya yung nangyari…

She’s with the guy the past few hours.. But she kept on thinking.. hangang dumating ang kanyang pag-iisip sa guy… “Come let’s go”… “Dalawin mo naman ako.. kahit sa huling araw ng lamay ko…”




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